Information about Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

In this section, we will provide an overview of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and its significance for international students studying in Australia.

Purpose of OSHC

Understand the primary purpose of OSHC, which is to provide health insurance coverage for international students during their stay in Australia.

Importance of OSHC for International Students

Explore why OSHC is essential for international students, including visa compliance, access to healthcare services, and financial protection in case of medical emergencies.

Visa Requirement for OSHC

Learn about the mandatory requirement of OSHC for international students applying for a student visa in Australia and the implications of non-compliance.

Coverage Benefits of OSHC

Discover the comprehensive coverage benefits offered by OSHC policies, including medical consultations, hospitalization, prescription medications, ambulance services, and more.

Exclusions and Limitations

Understand the exclusions and limitations of OSHC coverage, such as pre-existing conditions, elective procedures, and non-essential treatments.

Choosing the Right OSHC Provider

Navigate the process of selecting the most suitable OSHC provider based on coverage options, pricing, customer service, and additional benefits.

Comparison of OSHC Providers

Compare popular OSHC providers in Australia, such as Medibank, Bupa, Allianz Care Australia, nib, and AHM, to find the best fit for your needs.

Purchasing OSHC

Learn how international students can purchase OSHC through their educational institution, directly from an OSHC provider, or online.

Duration and Renewal of OSHC

Understand the duration of OSHC coverage, renewal options, and the process of extending OSHC when necessary.

Utilizing OSHC: Making Claims and Seeking Medical Assistance

Navigate the process of making claims with your OSHC provider, seeking medical assistance, locating healthcare providers, and understanding billing procedures.

Emergency Assistance with OSHC

Understand the steps to take in case of a medical emergency, including contacting your OSHC provider and seeking immediate medical attention.

Compliance and Regulations for OSHC

Learn about the compliance requirements and regulations related to OSHC for international students, including maintaining continuous coverage and updating personal details.

Policy Changes and Updates

Stay informed about any recent policy changes or updates related to OSHC requirements for international students in Australia.


Summarize the key points covered in this guide to OSHC and emphasize the importance of having adequate health insurance coverage through OSHC for international students studying in Australia.

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Emily Brown
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Benjamin Lee
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I did a lot of research before choosing an insurance provider for my study abroad experience, and I'm so glad I chose GoGlobalSafe. The coverage provided was not only affordable, but also reliable and comprehensive. I never had to worry about being underinsured or not having the coverage I needed.
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Sofia Rodriguez
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Olivia Davis
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